Part 24 – Searching for the Horse Master

Equitana had given me a lot to think about!

As we headed into 2010, I started to read Georgia Bruce’s book on clicker training.  I attempted a little bit with Magnum – he was very keen for the food and very interested.  However, he was soooo tense taking the food!  The click scared him sometimes – and if I made any sudden movements, he was off!

I didn’t see how on earth I could train him like that!

I tried to put myself in his shoes.  What if someone had my favourite chocolate – I could have it if I just looked a certain way – or took a step back.  But what if that someone suddenly decided not to give me chocolate – but to hurt me – or tie me up.  Is is worth letting my guard down just for the chocolate?  The answer was no…

But he still wanted to have a go!  He was so tight in his body – it must have been so difficult for him – trying to put his fear aside and hoping he would be fine and get the treat.

The other horses were also interested and I started dabbling in a little bit of clicker training with them… but I didn’t follow through.  There was so much to read and learn – and it seemed quite complex.  Still, I liked the idea of it.

I really think as I was still involved in our business –  I put it all in the ‘too hard’ basket.  I wasn’t prepared to spend the time needed.  To be honest, I was looking for a ‘quick fix’ – and this all seemed too hard.

I guess that’s human nature – to want a quick fix for things.  We dream of someone just waving a magic wand and fixing it all – saying, here is your answer, simple – all done!!

I think I was convinced that someone out there had the answer – that they were so good, they could tame any horse!  I had gone off ‘cowboys’ but – maybe there was a ‘horse guru’ or a horse magician out there.

Maybe I was trying to find a knight in shining armour – who knew exactly what to do!

fairytale blog

I was convinced you needed special skills and abilities, which I didn’t have, to tame wild horses – and to just be with horses.

There were horse gurus appearing on YouTube – and there were plenty of beautiful books also out there.  Now this was much more appealing to me than a set of instructions and scientific theory on behaviour!!!  I loved the romance of it – the fairytale!

This appealed to my creative side – and of course I had my own animal communication skills – but communicating with horses was different to actually doing physical work with them.

horse guru blog

Deep inside I wanted the ‘happy ever after’ ending of every pony book I had read as a little girl.

At age 7, I had put money into a wishing well.  My parents had told me to make a wish… I told them I wished for a white pony.  I really thought when we returned from our outing it would be there in the back yard… it wasn’t of course – I was devastated.

That longing was still there – in a different form – I wanted to ride with my horse as if we were one – ride off into the sunset.  I wanted to tame wild horses – I wanted to know all the secrets of how to do this.

I had invested in this longing all my life…. I was convinced a Horse Master would be able to tell me all the secrets I needed to hear.






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