Part 36 – The First Course – Level 1

It was September 2011 – almost a year since I was last on the island.  Everything there was just as it was previously – the only change was in my mind.  I had experienced great success with Magnum, had attended a couple of gatherings with other ‘Kert followers’, had pressure from Kert to set up  website for him – and heard disturbing news from Andrew and Vicki….

Now I had to make the best of it – and despite everything, I still was in awe of the magic he worked with horses.

Our accommodation was great – and we were also sharing with two others.  Once again there were so many people there – from so many different countries – and so many different walks of life – students, retired people, vets, doctors, lawyers, teachers, surgeons, architects, etc etc..

Kert is a master of self promotion and is very successful – plus – at this stage, he seemed to be delivering on the magic!!

This time though, I noticed Kert was much more professional.  He was turning up on time for class.  In the previous classes he would send his assistant to start on body awareness lessons and he would turn up at around 11 am.  He had also toned down his swearing!

The group was also much bigger as there were the extras staying for the year.  This made it a little more difficult.  But Kert was doing a lot more practical demonstrations with the horses that were there.  Of course, a lot of what I had heard the previous year was repeated – but it was different.  We also did a lot of simulations – sometimes one person being the horse – also many different types of exercises to improve awareness in our bodies.

This time there weren’t as many people singled out – and Kert said he didn’t have ‘time’ to do that with everyone.  I was thankful for that as I thought he would stay more on track!

We once again enjoyed his demonstrations – and once again he was charming to Patty and I.  I was confused once more…. it was so hard to believe that this was the same person who could shout so powerfully that you felt ill.

I was ‘quieter’ in the group situation as there were many others asking questions.  He even asked me if anything was wrong.  I replied “No – I was just enjoying watching and letting others ask questions”.  And I was – I didn’t need to ask so many questions this time.

I still had the gifts I had brought from Australia for him and his other two assistants.  One day I gave them to one assistant – Merrin – who does a lot of the office work……….  The gifts were an Australian opal each for the assistants – and a genuine Aboriginal bullroarer for Kert – click here for details.  I had brought these for them as a thankyou for the help they had given me in finding accommodation – and to Kert for help with Magnum – plus he had given me a large discount for the course.

That night Merrin came knocking on the door, with the gift for Kert.  She said I needed to keep it for now.  I asked if they had worn the opal pendants – no – as Kert had said they weren’t to wear them yet…..once again I was both dumbfounded and amused!!!

What!!!!!  Merrin looked quite stressed and embarrassed.  I told her that was okay and asked what I should do with the gift.  She said Kert would tell me when it was the right time….okay, I thought – I will put it in my bag….  and I ended up taking it home!!!

So far there had been no mention of the website and contract – but it was early days with many people there –  and we had plenty of time…..





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