Part 43 – The Horses are Restless!

Our course continued on – and it seemed for a while I was out of the firing line…. but I was nervous that at any time I could be back in it!

So what did that do to my behaviour?

I became more withdrawn, I followed instructions – and I did not speak out.  I could have looked like I was calm and composed…..that’s how I saw the assistants when I first visited – but in fact I was becoming caught in a web.  I was ‘lying low’ to avoid being the subject of ridicule in front of the group….and that is what I had seen in the assistants – not calm composure!

I just wanted to quietly watch Kert  work with the horses….

We continued to divide our time between the classroom and the arena.  Kert continued to tell us we live in the ‘brown world’ which is messy and chaotic and not on the spiral of destiny.  He said his job is to show people how to see reality and we must be decided to see reality – don’t shoot the messenger!

If we are not on this spiral, we have no chance with horses!

Back in the arena, Kert was once again working with Cody.  Normally, everything is very calm and ordered in the arena – but on this day the two stallions in the stables just behind the arena start causing a commotion.  It continued while Kert was working with Cody and trying to talk to us.

The stallions would not calm down and eventually  had to be taken out.  Meanwhile Kert was having limited success with Cody.  This was the first time I had seen him struggle with a horse.  I have my notes here and will write some detail – here is an extract from this day:

“Kert has Cody on a lead – he starts rearing up – Kert says this is IN the horse – there is no chance to control it – but he can calm him down.  Kert starts ‘slashing’ with the whip (making a noise with it but not directed at the horse). He says he must do this with no anger or fear and when the horse is psycho like this you need to understand its character.

Cody is now really fighting with Kert – rearing up, striking – Kert stays calm…..but he says “now this is an emergency case”.  Kert lets him loose and he is racing around –  Kert comes out for a break.

When he goes back in he keeps him out of his ‘home corner’ (the corner of the arena where he is most comfortable) – he races up and down.  Finally he stops and Kert puts a lead on him.  He gets the assistant to pull the big garage door down on the arena – Cody freaks but Kert holds him – he starts to calm down.

Kert says he will always be nervous – that you learn nothing WITH this horse – you need to learn it before.  He is calmer – but then jumped at the wind!  Now the big door goes up and down again – Kert says it is not just about getting him used to the door – it’s about changing him entirely.

Then he gets calmer and Kert takes the lead off.  After a break the lead goes on again – he says he now has to put pressure on the lead and this is not a normal thing – Cody is now showing stubbornness!  The door goes up again. Cody jumps – but not so much.  Kert is giving him lots of praise (verbal and treats).

It continues and he becomes calmer.  Kert says he has to learn – that I am the boss!  The session ends”.

After this session he worked with one of the stallions that had been causing a commotion.  This session was more of a success….. but the sessions with Cody were giving me much to think about – even through my jangled nerves…

Something was changing…….




2 thoughts on “Part 43 – The Horses are Restless!

  1. Hi Heather–
    I have been enjoying your “journey” –got to #43 and it goes to Word Press which I can’t get–
    I really want to know how you got from Denmark’s Kert to Alex and Monty–and how you made such progress that Alex has used you as a demo team in her Clicker Course????????

    Where can I get the rest of the story??


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Karen, Well that is the story! The Long Road!!! In my upcoming blogs I will be continuing on with that story – of how I found Alex. You can’t get Word Press??? So you haven’t missed anything – I just haven’t got to that… I did start a little YouTube channel – just some videos of little bits and pieces working with the horses here


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