Part 48 – Horse Characterisations – Ducati’s Warning…

In the final days of our level 2 course, Kert did some horse characterisations.  We had all brought along pictures of our horses and given them to Robert who organised the computer images.  I hadn’t really prepared any photos and only had ones that didn’t really show the horses at their best.  I really didn’t think Kert would be characterising any more of my horses after he had looked at Magnum previously.  Besides,  I was still fuming over The Contract incident.


Before I start on this story, I will tell you what had been happening at times through the previous week. Please refer to Part 10 – Can Horses Talk? if you haven’t read about my conversations with Ducati.   I kept getting a message that said “keep still”.  I knew it was from Ducati but I dismissed it, as Kert had told me it was ‘bullshit’ to talk to the horses.  Then in the early hours of the morning – before this day – I got the message again – and Ducati then said “Patty needs to keep still too”.


So on this day, we started in the morning with some general photos. He had been teaching us what parts of the horse to look at – what features would describe their personality.  He then went to the file that contained all our photos. To my surprise Ducati came up on the screen.

“Well!”  he exclaimed.  “What do we have here?”  I have to admit – it was a terrible photo taken one winter.  So to be fair – that was what he had to work on.

ducati character

Kert looks at the pictures and says – never buy a horse like this – he is not a riding horse – he has pain – a long weak back, long weak neck, weak croup, thin legs, weak knees, big shoulder, underdeveloped hindquarters – problems with liver, kidney and has worms.  He is bred towards the front leg – self confidence comes from the hind legs – the power/spirit sits there.  He is not a one dimensional horse.

Kert divides up his head. If you just look at the eye area only, it is a completely different horse – stubborn, sceptical, aristocratic – strong – high ranked horse. But then there is a dip in the nose line – this is sadness – makes the horse weak, fearful, withdrawn – then the mouth area – it is gorilla like – it makes the horse lazy. He is a very split horse. He is smart, nice horse, sweet, sympathetic – not problematic. ducati head
Now some of this I could understand – in some situations he was very brave – and in others he was nervous.  Kert also said he was in pain – and I was surprised.  He talked about his back and his hooves – but I just couldn’t see it.  It didn’t seem to fit.  He has great hooves and had never had a problem with his back…..unless he was hiding it well.

I was puzzled but I would have everything checked out when I got home.  Kert continued – he wasn’t the type of horse that should be ridden – and these shaped horses should never be bred.  It was a typical style of horse of the part-time horse owner… oh no!!!

It was all sounding very bleak!  I felt dejected….my beloved horse that talked to me…or did he?  According to Kert he didn’t…..was he just an ordinary, poorly bred horse?

At that point, I didn’t know there was more to come!




One thought on “Part 48 – Horse Characterisations – Ducati’s Warning…

  1. Wow, it just keep getting worse and worse..I’m so sorry you had to go through that. Even though I see that you have to be a very strong person dealing with it, and sharing it. I often use blogging as a way of digesting things. When I put words on my experiences, I somehow get clearer of my part of them, and what actually happened.

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