This week long break between courses felt never ending.  Apart from our walks, trips to the mainland, photography and writing, Patty was busy with some craft – doing some drawings and also making little horse sculptures.  I dabbled with some drawing and photography.

horse sculpture lyo

At the very end of the  week, after doing some meditation, I felt I needed to test my animal communication skills.  I had no expectations at that point.  Kert had convinced me it was all wrong!  But still, I wanted to try!

I asked Patty if she would like to have a go with me to see if we could contact Ducati.   I opened my computer to a picture of him – just to see if I received anything…..  At first there was a discussion on the little horses Patty had made…. will they stand up???

Okay – that didn’t really tell me anything. It was just ‘small talk’!

I asked what he thought of the characterisation of him – of the criticism of his body and that really he shouldn’t be on earth according to Kert.   What came back was the confirmation that I needed that I was talking to Ducati!!!!

He said “I’d like to stick mustard gas up his bottom!”.

I said to Patty  “what’s mustard gas?”.  I googled it and sure enough it was used in WW1.  Ducati is forever referring to those times.  He’s told me about being in the lighthorse signal corps – using a heliograph (I didn’t know what that was) and now the reference to mustard gas!  Here is just one of the many links to the use of mustard gas in the war  mustard gas.

I laughed and laughed!!  Ducati was with us!!!  It restored my confidence a little!!!

I was still very confused and shaken by all that was going on – but I felt like I had a friend in Ducati.  He had not only confirmed I was talking to him with the war reference – he had given me a shot of much needed humour!!!

It would be hard not to giggle now when I saw Kert – and I must not do that!

It had given me the boost I needed going into the next two weeks of the Level 3 course.  At that point I didn’t really care what was presented – I just wanted to stay out of trouble!!!

The days were getting shorter – and the weather colder….it was ever so cold for me.  I started to dream of being warm!!!

I also wanted to see my horses – and in particular – give Ducati a big hug!!!





3 thoughts on “Part 53 – Ducati Calling!!

  1. How awesome! I do believe that my horses talk to me. Horses always have, so I believe you 100%. My horse Fancy tells me she is very happy. I’m unsure about my other horse, Ghost. He is a little like Dr.Jekyll and Mr.Hyde. Some days are absolutely wonderful, others he don’t want anything to do with anyone. I’ve been around horses all my life, wild and domesticated ones, but he is more challenging than any other horse I’ve met. He is extremely flighty, an Arabian/Mustang Cross. He is four years old, and physically in excellent condition. He acts like much younger than four, more like a yearling some days.

    I’m not sure if you would be up to it, or if it’s possible to talk to an animal you never met. I know I can’t do that. If you can, would you be open to talking to my horse Ghost? It would be most interesting. He had minimal training when I bought him in January this year. He was raised in a big pasture with other horses, part of a hoarding case.. He was not halter broke when I bought him. Lately, for about three weeks, he’s been telling me that he is a little confused, and need time to be a horse. At least that is what I think he tells me. I did work him every day, in 2-3 short short 10-15 min sessions a day, for the first 4 months. To get him accustomed to our human world. At the moment we play some games at liberty, but mostly just hang out together. I spend many hours a day with my horses. They are just outside my door. Sometimes it is like he is trying to tell me something, but things are a little blurry in our communication.

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