Part 65 – Under the Spell of the Horse Shaman

In my ‘analysis stage’ which is what I will call it – I was able to find someone to translate excerpts  from the above book “Under the Spell of the Horse Shaman”.  It is written in German by Sigrid Kreile – and it is about her experience with Kert – who she calls ‘Rolf’ in her book.

She was involved in a cult like group with him as the leader.  She had originally met him in Germany when she attended and  organised his horse clinics.  It describes what she went through and how she finally got out – at great financial and personal cost.    The German title is Im Bannkreis des Pferdeschamanen

I knew about this book before I attended the third course – but I hadn’t read it – and initially assumed the author was  over-reacting.  Now I was able to look at it with new eyes.  While it confirmed what I had suspected, it still filled me with horror…..

I will include several extracts   Kert is named ‘Rolf’  – here is one that confirmed classic cult leader traits:

They were chosen to establish a new nation. He saw himself as a mediator of a grand parent plan for the world and its people. It was to be a test and who did not pass this test would be punished by God. They were to live and work together, each to his own craft and possibilities. Also their financial means were to go into one pot, so they could finance the new venture. This meant for saying goodbye to their former lives. Even though they were a little afraid, they enthusiastically started making plans, Rolf being very optimistic. Everything would be there; gardens, crops, their own smith for the horses, animal care with own butchery. A school for the children, they were to build their own homes according to natural principles, Art, Music and Culture would have an important place in the venture. It would be completely self-sustained living. And thus in time an entire village would be created as the world had never seen before.

Sigrid gives birth to son Adrian during this time – whose father is Kofi – a translator for a group of Africans from Benin – whom she met via Kert.  The community they are supposedly setting up is in Spain.  From the minute she arrives she is put to work – along with the others – even with a newborn baby she is not excused from tasks and is assigned to be cook for the group.

She soon becomes exhausted and cannot follow Kert’s erratic orders.  Another extract:

When she comes home late one day from shopping, Adrian seems to be very hungry. On the way to the kitchen, Rolf grabs the child out of her arms who starts crying immediately. Rolf becomes angry and says the child has not learnt anything from these lessons! He should throw him against the wall, or, even better, his mother! She is turning her son into a psychopath. He tells her she is stubborn etc. and should really be sent home.

It continues:

Rolf once again talks to the group, telling them they are not doing enough, they are still chaotic. Don’t they understand how important their mission is?? It is not simply a matter of a baker who lives his life and makes a mistake without consequences. Any mistake for them will be major. In particular Sigrid is spoken to. Should he send them all home?

Just remember, that all those who have left him, have met with disaster/misfortune! Many people in the group had become very insecure as Rolf kept finding faults with all they did. Even the tiniest ‘mistake’ was noticed by him. He would often threaten that they would have to leave one morning with their horses. How, he could not care less, even if they had to walk back to Germany.

Sigrid cannot understand why the courses she used to organise for Rolf were so full of fun and laughter, yet here the atmosphere is grim and sad. Is this supposed to be their new life?

The last extract  also has classic cult like characteristics  – “…..all those who have left him, have met with disaster/misfortune”.

This is enough for one blog post – to be continued….




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