Part 66 – The Horse Shaman – Not Lost in Translation!

Continued here is my reading of Sigrid Kreile’s book – “Under the Spell of the Horse Shaman”  – the extracts have been translated from German to English.  I have just picked some parts of the translation.  There is much more – but it gives you an idea of what was going on.

Sigrid wonders where the joy is gone, in her, but also in the others. When they do have fun, Rolf often will criticise them and say their joy is like a circus. Karin, who has moved house 7 times since being with Rolf, describes how difficult these moves are. Her belongings are mostly broken or missing, and she cannot be bothered anymore to make her room feel like a home. Both she and Madeleine show extreme nervous behaviour when called by Rolf. They run for him blindly and seem to hardly notice their surroundings.

“They run for him blindly……”  This is what I noticed about the women in his ‘family’ during the courses.  They were so nervous and on edge.

During the time in Spain they move to new accommodation:

It’s time to move into their new home, called Canova, which lies at the foot of the mountains. Rolf decides which furniture goes with, and what not. He keeps some of theirs, but they do not mind anymore. He has explained often that he needs everything in larger quantities, better quality, whether food, wine or furniture. He is their chief, their head, and without him they would fall apart. He says he works much harder than them but has much more free time as he knows how to handle time, they don’t.

The members of the group do realize that Rolf seems to have more free time, but have no idea how he manages. He locks himself up in his sitting room all day, and even his two wives are only allowed to enter once they have knocked and been given the OK.

Seeing the following repeatedly in the book made me realise I had no chance in trying to speak my mind!!!:

It is still pure chaos in their house according to Rolf and they have failed their task miserably. Noone in the group dares to say anything, even though Rolf has repeatedly given them the reassurance that they should speak their mind if they wish so. 

The following extract shows how easy it was to take over Sigrid’s house.  The house is empty pending divorce proceedings:

Autumn is approaching and Sigrid tells Rolf she needs to return to Germany for a while. She needs to make sure her house is ready for the winter and also wants to contact family and friends. But Rolf has other ideas and sends Rita, Hans and Martin instead. Martin’s business needs taken care of, and the other two are to help him. Rolf decides they will live in Sigrid’s house, which stands empty since her husband left her.

After several moves and constant changes of plans from Kert – he orders Sigrid and Pia back to Germany – to her house, where the others are.  He says the ‘project’ in Spain has come to an end.  The following describes her return:

After an ardous journey through snow, they arrive the next day at Sigrid’s farm and house. It is strange for her to see her house, in which she lived for 10 years, inhabited by others. She notices once again, as soon as possessions become the property of more than one person, they are not cared for properly anymore. The house looks a mess, and her things have been changed around. Once more, she wonders whether this life is what she was looking for.

The following shows how her home – and her mind – were so taken over:

With more cold weather, she decides to buy a small electric heater for her small room. The others have decided she has to sleep there with her son, while Hans and Rita have taken her old double bedroom. Adrian is cold, and she tries the best she can. The heating is not to be used according to her housemates – too expensive and unnecessary according to Pia, who is used to the cold coming from Denmark. Pia tells Rolf about Sigrid’s small heater, and triumphantly comes in ordering her to throw the thing out. No one is supposed to use a heater! Sigrid agrees, but wonders how she is going to keep her baby warm. She has once again taken on the kitchen duties as the others have not done any cooking, but instead spent a fortune on going out for dinner. She also takes the stable duties, and enjoys being back in her old surroundings. Contact with her parents and a few friends is reestablished, but she feels very much she is living in a world so different from theirs.

‘Rolf’ is well and truly enjoying cult leader status as the following extract shows:

Sigrid feels she is a little freeer here and Adrian seems to be enjoying it here much more than in Spain. However the group still puts enormous pressure on her, ordering her to once again have breakfast with them and commenting on her parenting. Martin has been given the task of being their leader by Rolf. Not only that, but it is now also his task to provide Rolf with everything he needs, money, etc etc. Rolf has thrown the I-Ching and explained that in primitive cultures, the Shaman has such important duties that he cannot busy himself with ‘unimportant’ matters such as earning a living, or buying food etc. Rolf tells him he is their Shaman and thus they need to provide him with everything he requires. Martin does not look happy talking to the group.

Rolf had set up an association with the group for his teachings and asked Gertrude to manage its affairs. Sigrid and the others were to assist her and put it out on the internet.  The Association’s office was moved to Sigrid’s house as well.

The story certainly hasn’t been lost in translation.  I will continue with more in the next post.




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