Part 68 – Battles with the Horse Shaman

Continuing on with extracts from Sigrid Kreile’s book “Under The Spell of the Horse Shaman” – Sigrid tells Rolf she is leaving the group:

She immediately notifies Rolf who finds it difficult to believe her, yet Sigrid keeps telling him she has never been happier than this very moment. Right now she could not care less that she has failed her mission in the house, with Rolf. It is impossible to live like a family with a group of randomly chosen individuals who have nothing in common. What were Rolf’s reasons for doing this? He said it was destiny, but was it or did he do it because of financial reasons?

Rolf informs Sigrid they will need time to vacate her house and find something else. Sigrid agrees, after all, there is the entire office, the horses and everything else. It is now August and she thinks that by late December, surely everyone will have found a solution.

However Sigrid gets a bad feeling about the group vacating her house – and so begins a long battle to get the group out.  Meanwhile ‘Rolf’ continues his criticism of her and warns her how miserable and dangerous her life will be without him.  The following describes the battle to get the group out – as well as Rolf and the group trying to get more money from her:

The group makes sure they make her feel unwelcome in her own house – they do not cook for her, but Sigrid still helps with the chores. She tries to avoid any possible conflict, and even agrees to feed all the animals while the entire group needs to go and see Rolf in Spain for 3 days.

After they come back, they ask for a talk with her during which Hans presents her with a list with claims they say she owes them. Thus they wanted her to pay all the costs for the electric installations which were necessary for the setup of Rolf’s  Association. They also wanted her to pay for the renovation of the stables and dog kennels, as well as all of the electricity costs, even though they had all lived here during winter and Sigrid was not even there the first winter. She had even bought wood for the group before she went to Spain, which they had never paid her back. Then they wanted to be reimbursed for the repair costs of her car; the bill of which she had paid. Then there were the costs for repainting one of the rooms which the dogs had turned into a mess, the room into which Pia had moved.

The only item which she was prepared to accept was the amount for the legal battle that Martin had lent her. However he would not accept she repay him a significant amount of it straightaway as he said it had all been thrown in a big pot. Sigrid answers that if everything had been thrown into the communal pot, surely, she had paid as had the others. On top of that, they had lived in her house for free, they had made use of her stables, and she had worked for free. She had paid for all small costs in the house anyway, AND paid for all the groceries. She also had paid for the keep of the horses, including the purchase of hay and straw. She had given them everything she had. 

She feels alone against so many and they seem not to want to listen to her arguments. Instead they say she should be thankful as they have taken care of her house; otherwise it would have been empty and who knows what would have happened then! Gertrude lets Sigrid know the next day she too finds the claims to be too high and advises her to call Rolf, which she does. He reassures her they will find a fair solution, but he gets angry again when she wants to know the exact date the group will leave her house. He says he is in the midst of important planning and cannot be bothered with such trivial affairs.

Sigrid must have felt like she was living a nightmare. To have your own house taken over like that!!!  It’s easy to say she was gullible – but until we are in the same position, and have an understanding of what it’s like to be under the spell of someone like Kert, we have no right to judge……. To be continued……




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