Part 71 – More Claims from the Horse Shaman

There are too many ridiculous monetary claims to mention here – but I will include a few extracts:

Her solicitor then receives more claims from Rolf and the group. The solicitor said at least half of this figure and the claims were made up, but the remainder could be a bit difficult, as Rolf says he had witnesses to his claims. But Sigrid wonders why this is so, they cannot prove anything as they have nothing in writing. But the solicitor replies that unfortunately it is common practice these days to lie in court. It is obvious they want to pull her apart and are only after her money. Rolf and the group had indeed committed perjury. For many people an oath did not mean anything anymore. Rolf had always warned them for the consequences of telling even the smallest lie.

He claimed absolutely huge amounts from Sigrid. He wanted rent and costs for her keep while in Spain and even costs dating back to the times when she was still organising his courses in Germany.  He also asked for a horrendous sum of money for the apparent education she had received from him in Spain. But this ‘education’ according to Sigrid consisted of her working day and night, cleaning, cooking, and cleaning stables.

The claims went on and on – including statements that she had to pay for the move of the ‘office’ and all the equipment – and that she had promised to provide a loan.  In all the claims totaled almost AU$100,000.

Meanwhile – back in the house:

Sigrid’s friend Julia kept organising dinner parties for their friends, much to the anger of the group. Rolf had never allowed them to interact much with the ‘outside’ world, and they were never allowed to bring them in their house. They enjoy their dinners at the kitchen table, enjoying well-cooked meals and drinking nice wine. The group purposefully sat down at the table in the living room. It was obvious that every small detail was passed on to Rolf. Whenever one of the members would speak to him, they became like a total devotee. Sigrid felt happy she was free. Even her younger sister comes round for one weekend, helping out. She would never have managed without her family and friends.

Rolf asks for a meeting with Sigrid’s solicitor, and he says he can only be there at 7 in the morning. “Gosh, he has a busy schedule”, says the solicitor. Rolf brings Madeleine, Rita and Hans. Sigrid looks at them and wonders how on earth these people could ever have been her friends. Nothing seems fixed in life, what was okay yesterday can turn into something bad today. Rolf again sums up everything Sigrid apparently owes him and the group.

He adds another item, namely the psychiatric help all of his people are now receiving due to the terrible conduct by Sigrid while she was living in the house with them. The solicitor can hardly stop himself from laughing aloud. Suddenly Rolf mentions they will for sure find a solution together, and he will accept a mere 60.000 Mark (37.900 Australian Dollars or 30.600 euros) and then the matter will be settled once and for all. The solicitor declines this immediately.   Rolf would now be summonsed to appear in court. Then suddenly, Rolf decided he himself did not have a rental agreement with Sigrid, so he did not have to appear in court. The other members however would have to appear.

Finally, in the next chapter, the court case begins.  It would seem like Rolf would never win, but that was not necessarily the case.




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