Finally there is a court case to settle the claims and to get the group out of the house:

The judge draws their attention to the article from the church, in which their sect is described as dangerous. This is good, says the solicitor. It means the judge can see right through the members. Rita tries to explain they have all tried to talk to Sigrid about them leaving her house, but she did not want to discuss it, so they had no choice but to stay. After Sigrid is asked to answer some questions, the judge tells everybody they will be informed of his decision in writing.

Sigrid won the case. The judge formulated: When someone, out of kindness, allows others to live in his house, this does not mean there is a rental agreement. But her solicitor explains the group wants to appeal the decision. They still claim an amount of 120.000 mark, and although they have now been ordered to leave immediately, they may decide to move back in once they appeal. The problem with the financial claim is that Rolf has all these so-called witnesses. He thinks it will be impossible for Sigrid not to have to pay some money.

He goes on to explain that she has now two options. The first is to keep on fighting. This could literally take months and months of court cases, but in the meantime her house would have to be auctioned. He is convinced the group does not have a penny to its name, even though he thinks Sigrid would win this case. But she would not see a penny from them, as he is convinced Rolf has made sure all the money has gone to him already.

The other option is to make a deal. Sigrid would have liked to fight, but also has to think of her son. She needs to have finances to take care of him and make sure he has a sound future.

So the negotiations begin. Every mark has to be negotiated with Rolf. Finally, the amount has come down to 55,000 Deutsch Mark (28,100 euros or $34,800 Australian dollars). They refuse to negotiate any further and it is up to Sigrid to decide whether she wants to accept this ridiculous amount. She finally does, knowing full well she is buying herself out of the sect this way, but her solicitor replies it could have ended much worse for her if she had stayed with them.

The group stays for another 3 weeks, and literally until the last minute before they are ordered out.

Sigrid wonders why Rolf behaved the way he did. She had gone to him in full trust, while she believed he wanted something good for the world, and that she could learn  from him.  Sigrid is overjoyed she has managed to get out, and now sees that his life has nothing to do with the real life, with reality. She had managed to break with the incessant terror attacks, the small-mindedness, the fear and the always present manipulation. And now she was no longer afraid that her life would be miserable now that she was away from Rolf.  He had broken up entire families and had ruined them financially while he lived like a King from their money.

Sigrid had heard through her solicitor that Martin had filed for bankruptcy. Rolf had managed to destroy this business, which had been in Martin’s family for generations, financially. The employees apparently had not received any wages for months. The families involved had to endure very difficult times while Rolf lived in luxury and could afford to buy many expensive things. Many families had paid Martin’s business to have their house built, many of which were never finished or even started. Rolf left behind a trail of destruction, he had caused many people financial and emotional distress and yet he and his people felt like the chosen ones. She suddenly remembered part of a book by Laurens van der Post, which she found typical of Rolf, his groups and his ideal to establish a new world:

People who carry with them a certain myth and  present this as the truth, are convinced that under penalty of its own destruction , this truth is bound by overwhelming cosmic mysteries, and that they are the chosen ones and therefore completely different from all the others.

Yes, every feeling they have of calling a life-important secret their own, has the same affect as a secret that is never to be expressed by the soul of any human being. It isolates him from humanity, stops any usefull communication with his community, and  sentences him to a kind of exile, which is all the more devastating, as it excludes any desire to return or associate with others. Such a mythical mission, which does not come forth out of a general development or the demands of the era, has the affect that the group or nation in question means that they have been chosen for a special mission, and thus they need to completely separate themselves from other nations. All these elements are to be found in their primitive form in the myths dealing with heroes or übermenschen, in their primitive collective form they belong to a better race or a nation chosen by God.

Despite the huge financial losses for her, Sigrid feels a sense of relief, now it is all truly over. She hands over the keys to Miro, and walks out of the house with her son, ready to face a new future.

And there is the end of the extract.

At the end of reading this I needed to pick my jaw up off the floor.  I knew Kert’s operations were ‘cult like’ but I had no idea of how bad things had been – how incredibly dangerous….  I needed to do something… I needed to warn the ones who were still at the one year course……




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