Part 74 – For Cody – A Brave Little Horse

If you haven’t read Part 45 – The Horse That Showed Me The Truth – it is about Kert working with Cody.  With this horse he did not succeed as he seemed to have done with every other horse I had seen.  It was one step forward, two steps back.  The atmosphere always seemed chaotic when he was working – with the other horses stabled nearby very unsettled.

After some time – his owner expressed that if she had known Cody was so ‘difficult’ she wouldn’t have bought him – Kert was furious- took it as a criticism of his training  and decided he would not work with the horse any more.

While I was over there, I’d had a chat to Cody.  He had said to me ‘I’m going to take the bullet – he needs to be seen in his true light’.  The horses had told me it was the same for them – they wanted to follow him – it was like a drug – just like the humans who followed him.  But then he tired of them – once he didn’t need them for any purpose.

I promised Cody I wouldn’t forget him – I would deliver this message for him – ‘the truth’ ……….  and this  is why I have gone into detail regarding Kert.  Cody allowed me to snap out of the perception that Kert could do magic with horses.  I will forever thank him for that.

Now – finishing the ‘Kert story’ – people have asked me if there were any positives?  YES!!

Kert taught me about going slowly, calming down – there is no need to hurry around a horse.  He also taught me about body awareness – to be conscious of my thoughts, my breathing – any tension etc. etc.  The exercises were wonderful – and I think this is his biggest strength – learning how to move, how to be conscious of your body.

I also made many friends – some I still have a strong bond with after all these years – I would not have met them but for Kert – so I thank him..

I can also thank Kert for taking me to the depths, playing with my mind, sending me to zero confidence – not just with horses – in myself – for it is at that point where you can decide to either give up and wallow forever – or to dust yourself off, stand up again – and go in search of other things.

I chose the latter – and it was reading Sigrid Kreile’s book that finally woke me up completely.

If you go back to Part 63 – The Stages of Grieving where I talk about the stages I went through, I mention that the anger stage lasted a long time – I was confused as well.  However when I was able to read that book, it all made sense.  I had unwittingly signed up for a course being run by someone who was not only unstable, but had the charismatic characteristics of a cult leader.  It was quite reasonable to dismiss Kert’s outbursts at first as the sign of a very intelligent and talented horse trainer.  It is also normal to give people the benefit of the doubt – to see the good in others.

He is a master at self promotion – so any unsuspecting horse enthusiast could fall victim.  And it is as simple as that –  we crossed paths – coincidence? – or fate???  I was challenged on so many levels – but now I was regaining my confidence – it was time to go in search of a style of horse training that did not include cowboys or shamans!!!!

In fact I almost feel sorry for Kert!  To live like that must truly be awful… although not as bad as the ones who live with him – who are forever trapped under his spell.

Once again – thankyou Cody – I hope you are frolicking somewhere in the heavens!!




3 thoughts on “Part 74 – For Cody – A Brave Little Horse

  1. Wow! What a story ! I love your writing and admire that you are brave enough to tell it. I think this could happen to anyone given the right circumstances. I too once dreamed of going to a Kert clinic. There was something that he said once that I didn’t like and I lost interest. I would never expect a person with all those talents and being so very gifted to be basically using it all for evil. After reading your account I am so glad I never did go.
    Thank you so much for sharing. I’m glued to your blog.
    What a life’s lesson. Glad you rose above it !

    Liked by 1 person

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