Part 8 – Parelli Games – and a new home for Ducati?

I was ready to try the Parelli games with Ducati.  He was such a quick learner….he caught on quickly as to what I wanted him to do.  But there were problems – such as the circling game.  Off he would go around me – then suddenly he would stop, back away – and get really agitated – little leaps in the air.  I didn’t know what was wrong.  I did ask someone who suggested he was just getting a bit emotional and just keep practising… but I didn’t like it – it both scared and puzzled me  – why would he do that?

He did all the other games fairly well – although often tense with head high.  I didn’t really know where to go from there. I also struggled with the stick and string – even though I had played the Friendly Game – I didn’t feel very friendly making him move this way and that with it!  I tended to fumble around.

As time went on I did less and less – and also my focus was still on house building.  We finally moved into our house the day before Xmas 2006.  What a relief!!   Now there was more time for the horses!

I had been searching for a natural horsemanship trainer.  I felt Ducati had sat for too long in the paddock and I wasn’t really getting anywhere with him.  He needed some good training – then maybe I would feel confident to take him on.  At the start of 2007 I found a young girl who was a Level 2 Parelli trainer.  She had such a gentle way about her.  We took Ducati to her place – about an hour away – and he was there for about 5 weeks.  She commented that he was the best horse she had ever worked with.

Emma came with me to her place during his time there.  She was gaining some confidence back and wanted to try again.  We watched her put him through his paces.  He was great!  Emma had a trail ride with him – and I was happy she was once again on him.ducati blog riding

When we brought him home,  Emma rode him in the small paddock several times.  However there were moments of him ‘rushing’ – she had another near fall one day.  Once again it shook her and she decided it was enough..

I had also decided Ducati was ‘too good’ for me to take on.  I was nervous of him – he was very athletic and once again I felt I lacked experience.  I talked to Emma about selling him to an experienced person.  She didn’t want to.  We debated this and finally she agreed that it would be better for him not to be ‘wasting away’ in a paddock.

She knew someone looking for a horse.  A teenage girl and her boyfriend came to see him.  They put Ducati through his paces and he didn’t put a foot wrong.  They said they would think about it as they were also looking at another horse.  I had decided that if they didn’t take him, I needed to step up and take him on…… and of course they went with the other horse!  Of course Ducati was going nowhere – he had so much to tell me – and so much to teach me!

Little did I know I was about to delve into a very mysterious and wonderful time with horses – and it was Ducati who started it!

I have been a little reluctant to tell this next part – as I don’t want people to think I’m crazy – but I can’t possibly tell my horse journey without it!  It’s very important!






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