It was almost the end of November 2012.  I knew I was now on the right track with learning about clicker training – but Magnum was providing extra teaching – I had a lot to learn.  Kert was by now a distant memory!!!

We were starting to do some long overdue cleaning up in our shed.  It was a mess.  On this particular day, I was just about to come inside from spending several hours knee deep in dirt and rubbish, when I heard the phone ringing.  We still used our landline back then.  Doug and I were standing outside in front of the garage and knew we would have to let it go to voice message..

The call troubled both of us – we both immediately thought of our mothers – I don’t know why we both did on this occasion.  I went inside, washed my hands and went to the phone.  The message was from The Dental Centre.  Could I please ring them back immediately.

I felt ill.  I remembered my mother was going there on that day.  She had to make two trips – one in the morning and one in the afternoon while they adjusted her dentures.  I had offered to drive into town and take her to the dentist – but she said she could use her free vouchers for a taxi.  She was entitled to free travel to medical appointments.

Now I was grabbing at the phone to ring back.  One of the staff answered, obviously upset.  She told me that Mum had fallen in the street opposite their surgery.  She had been laden with groceries (?) and fell, hitting her head on the road.  She was outside the Fire Station – both the firemen and the dental staff rushed to help her.  They struggled to stem the bleeding as she was on a blood thinner.  An ambulance was called and she had been taken to the hospital.

I thanked them for ringing, put the phone down – Doug was by then standing listening.  I immediately rang daughter Emma – a theatre nurse – who had just finished her shift at the hospital and asked her to head back to emergency – I would be there as soon as I cleaned myself up.  She was on her way.  Doug was put in charge of the animals –  I wasn’t sure when I would be home.  He nodded …. we had known it was one of our mothers.

My brain went into emergency mode.  I headed into the hospital – 30 minutes away.  By the time I arrived in there Emma was sitting next to Nanna.  She was conscious and didn’t seem too bad.  Phew!  But they had taken xrays – she had fractured her pelvis – but the CAT scan seemed clear..

Pelvis…. what would that mean – a long hospital stay and rehab?  I was preparing myself for many visits to hospital.  I was relieved it didn’t seem too bad – but I somewhat selfishly could see my horse moments being put on the backburner once more.  Was it wrong to think that?  I couldn’t help myself…

They admitted Mum to the medical ward – I told her I would be back in the morning to see her – Emma would be working but was going to come and check on her also.

I arrived at the hospital the next day to find her asleep.  The nurse said she was having a big sleep after the fall.  Okay I thought – I will just sit here.  Time passed and she was still asleep – something seemed wrong.  She would stir fitfully then sleep again.  Emma came down in her break and was horrified to see her.  She questioned the staff on why she hadn’t had another CAT scan and why on earth they didn’t stop her blood thinner medication.

Suddenly there was a flurry of activity – she was taken off for a scan – and the results were grim.  The doctor on duty called us in to show us – a massive bleed on the brain – she would not survive – or if she did she would end up with pneumonia and die……

By then I was so shocked – suddenly I had no legs and quickly sat down before I fell down.  Emma was sobbing – her beloved Nanna wasn’t going to make it…..

Medical staff now surrounded her – she was injected with drugs to reverse the effects of the blood thinners and  was  moved to the stroke recovery ward.

I then had the task of contacting my sisters and family.  My sister Sue – who was continuing to recover from her cancer treatment – decided to drive down to us – she would arrive after midnight.  We then headed to the hospital straight away.

She was doing okay – displaying all the symptoms of brain injury – but it was very much a waiting game.  She seemed to be pulling through – we helped feed her and sat with her – she recognised us sometimes….

Then pneumonia set in…….




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