Part 145 – This Can’t Be Happening!!

In February 2018 I had another accident.

I was just getting on top of things.  I’d started trimming Magnum’s hooves – and I was doing more with each horse.  I had also started writing this blog.

In fact I was feeling on top of the world…. and maybe that’s why the accident happened.  I was in a hurry – too much of a hurry – because I had things to do.

So on this particular day, I had gone with Emma while she saw her builder for a look through her new house before she made the last payment.  I’d then stopped to buy groceries before heading home.  All very normal!!!

As I lifted the groceries out of the boot of the car, I rushed to get them inside.  It was a really hot day and I wanted to get into the cool.  As I got a second load out, I turned around to walk inside and the grocery bags were heavier than I thought – they got caught as I lifted them.  As I pulled harder I overbalanced and went crashing to the ground – groceries still in my hand!

I thought I was okay – then I looked at my wrist…. “Ewww – that doesn’t look right!”  My first thought was to get all the groceries inside before I went into shock!!!  There were oranges and apples rolling all over the place.  So I picked everything up with my one good arm – put it inside – and went back out for the final bags.  Then I started to feel a bit shaky.

Hmmmm – I figured I needed to go to the hospital.  I couldn’t drive myself with my wrist – Doug was away for a few days – and I didn’t want to worry my neighbours.  Once again I rang Emma and told her what had happened.   She came and got me and took me to the hospital…. sigh…… it was broken!   I had it plastered – and the following week ended up having it operated on.  Not only had I broken it – I’d slammed the two bones together – it was a matter of having them pulled apart and reset while in theatre. Thank goodness for Emma – and for all the wonderful staff working in theatre.

I finally came home with a hook shaped cast – I was horrified – it would be in that shape for seven weeks…… seven weeks!!!!  And in that time I was headed to Bluesfest – a big music festival over Easter.  Would I cope in the crowds?

Once again I was limited in what I could do with the horses.  To Doug’s horror, I had to get him to help with with rugs, fly masks etc.  It was summer time here.

I also couldn’t drive again.  But this time, mentally,  I was in a much better state.  I soon worked out ways to do things with one working arm – and I managed Bluesfest!  I even dressed up the cast!

cast bluesfest

And the good news was that I would be all healed before my trip to UK – which included travelling to Germany and Italy for horse adventures!

Finally the cast came off around mid April.  It took time to build up strength in that arm – and I noticed I was nervous of falling again.  I was once again looking down all the time.

But I persevered and before too long I was fully independent again. I had never had a broken bone in my life before the fall from Ducati – now I’d had two in a year!!!  I was a little nervous about heading off overseas on my own as it had been several years since I’d  done that.   Madge kept interrupting.  She was trying to tell me I would struggle to manage my bags – and what if I fell over?  What if I broke yet another bone?

I had to shut her down.  I was going – and there would be no discussion!




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