What does that mean? Is that just some sort of New Age rambling? It’s certainly not true for everything! But can you find answers in the silence? And what answers am I talking about? Answers to the meaning of life? Answers to a horse problem? Answers to the mystery of the missing chocolate?

These are more musings in my healing time. At present I have two contrasting phases in my daily routine. While I am limited in what I can do, I spend time at my computer and then time in meditation and quiet reflection.

I have found that the contrast is astounding! My social media time is very valuable. I chat to people, read articles, do some of the several online courses I have running – and generally have an enjoyable time…..


The more I jump from one thing to another, the more confused and anxious I get – there is so much information out there that it’s overwhelming!

The feeling it’s giving me is guilt! The ‘shoulds’ are entering my head! Now this isn’t necessarily the fault of social media – it’s probably the fault of my brain and personality. Guilt has been a lifelong feeling that I’ve worked hard to free myself of – but then it creeps back in when I’m unaware.

So what am I finding in the silence, compared to the chaos of a computer with 12 plus tabs open?

Well – the quiet is peaceful – I’m away from the online chatter and it allows my mind to calm down. Sometimes I meditate, sometimes I just sit quietly and enjoy the peaceful room. My mind starts to clear – it’s like I also have 12 plus tabs open in my brain and now I’m able to close them! In that time I often get answers to something I’ve been struggling with.

As usual, I think of how that applies to the horses. Here is an example – I have just started to spend time with the horses again. Before my eye surgery I had been working on Saadi walking to the mat without me having to be next to him. Sometimes he was okay – sometimes he hesitated. I was always careful of doing a very short session (less than a minute) to stay under threshold.

When I finally started back with the horses two days ago, I took Saadi into the arena and asked him to go to the mat – and he did without hesitation! I was so happy! I then took him for a lap around the cone circle, then back to walking forwards to the mat – again no problem!

Here is a video I made earlier in the year as part of The Lockdown Series. At the end of it you will see him walking to the mat. At that time I was still quite close to him – but even so, he struggled with it. In the second round, I left off the second mat – I could feel it was too much.

So what has made the difference now? Is it just a fluke? Was it the long break which gave him time to rearrange his thoughts? I can’t say for sure – but I like to think that maybe that was the case. Previously, did he also have 12 plus tabs open in his brain and the long spell helped him to rearrange his thoughts?

I will continue to observe and see if my theory is correct! In the meantime, I will also continue to have that peaceful time. At the moment of writing this, I only have 10 tabs open – maybe that’s a start!



4 thoughts on “From The Silence Come the Answers!

  1. Question.
    Does a horse really have any tab open when ‘being’ in the present.
    Are we humans there involved as well in the possible horse tab business or busy-ness?

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  2. Great blog Heather, truer words were never spoken. I like Geerteke’s insight, when being “present” I wonder if their tabs may be everything in their present reality. Are tabs for horses things like, other horses in the area, bugs, where the water is, noises in the distance etc. and can they close them or is it a survival thing that the tabs need to be kept open!

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