Part 5 – Ducati’s Early Days – and the fall …

We had a saddle fitted for Ducati – and then Emma was eager to ride.  We just had the flat area in Ducati’s paddock for  Emma to ride in.  She could ride in the shape of a dressage arena.  Walk and trot were very nice!  It all went well!  Success.  He handled it very well and Emma was happy.  I was also happy that this time it was working out.  Phew!

I wasn’t overly fussed on the saddle –  to me it didn’t look right.  But I assumed the saddle fitter knew  best.  I didn’t know much about saddles so left it to the experts.  The saddle in the photo above is not the one I’m referring to – it belonged to someone else.

I had already noticed on Ducati some white marks on the wither area – and I knew that was from poor saddle fit ….. and he was just three years old!  I had also noticed a ‘dent’ in his rump.  It was only seen sometimes.  I had never seen that before.  No skin was broken so what was it?    I assumed it was ‘just how he was’.  I have only just discovered what it really is!

I’d watch Ducati race around the paddock – he was still a youngster and enjoyed playing.  It frightened me though.  There was no way I wanted to be on his back!  Still Emma was okay with it.

One day, she decided to do a nice canter as well as the walk and trot…………as he started, I could see something was wrong .   Was the saddle worrying him? I didn’t know… but he started to get off balance –  it was a weird little hop – like something wasn’t right with his leg or back.  Emma came off and landed on her back.  I was horrified.  Ducati took off in fright down to the fence and stood there trembling.  I rushed to Emma – fortunately she sat up and wasn’t too badly injured , ie. It didn’t mean a trip to hospital!

I then went over and got Ducati – he was okay – just shaken.  I walked back to the top part of the paddock with both of them  – took off the saddle and gear – made sure he was okay – then walked a sore and sorry Emma back to our shed where we were still living.

Sadly she lost her confidence after that – and her desire to continue with horses.  It was the start of 2005 – Emma was  15 – and her focus turned to other things.  It seems to be the age, if you have been a horse mad child, when things can change .  This is what happened – and the fall was the catalyst.

So I now had two horses!  Two horses who would never have been here if Emma hadn’t found them!  Little did I know that these two horses would lead me on a journey with highs and lows, and open doors to people and information that have enriched our lives.  They have given me so much!

ducati 4 yr oldblog




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