Part 6 – Meeting Under The Magic Tree

Part way through 2005 we finally finished fencing the large bottom paddock.  The horses were still separate,  but it was time to put them together.  Despite the warnings from the horse people in the district, I didn’t think there would be any problem.

We opened the gates to the large paddock – Ducati went in first – down to the Magic Tree.  Then it was Magnum’s turn – we opened his gate and he came running down – they were both calling to each other.  It was beautiful to watch.  They groomed together for a long time – then happily grazed side by side.  I was so happy for them!

The Magic Tree is very special – I had a vision of it before we even found our block of land.  The full story is probably best left for another blog – but when I first saw it, it just blew me away – there it was!  In real life!

It’s the horses’ favourite tree – their preferred spot for shelter from sun and rain.  You will see them standing around it – all facing to the trunk – like they are gathered around to talk to each other, as well as the tree.  And the tree has told me stories!

It’s a perfect climbing tree for children – or adults!  Even though it is a camphor laurel – which is considered weed like here in NSW  – I just love them!  They are the perfect fairytale tree – and a fairytale was certainly happening on our land!

I was so pleased to see both horses truly happy.  It also eased my guilt about not having much time for them.  Emma had recovered from her fall – but didn’t want to ride again.  She would spend some time with them – but as well as school work she had her first part time job.

We were very busy finalising house plans – and before Christmas 2005 we had our cement slab poured for the house.  There was a lot to do!  Brick work was going up and Doug started putting the roofing on the garage, with help from son Matt.

blog housebuilding

We were consumed with the building process for 2005/2006.  There were many delays.   Ducati and Magnum were together full time and I fed them near the house in the top paddock.  They came up twice a day.ducatimagnum blog (1)

I could touch Magnum on the nose and sometimes feed him a carrot.  He tended to hang back while Ducati got attention but at times was brave enough to take a carrot.  Despite the warnings, it seemed like Ducati was having a good influence on him.  Even though Magnum was ‘boss’ – when it came to people, he was observing Ducati’s relationship with us.





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