Part 23 – Equitana…… an awakening….

In my last post I mentioned that I had been to Equitana in Brisbane quite a few years before.  At that time I was excited about everything!  I watched Pat Parelli, I saw Monty Roberts – and many other performers.  I knew very little about horses – and to me it was all wonderful!

This time was different.  I viewed it all with a much more critical eye.  One night they had a rodeo – I couldn’t watch when I saw such frightened animals.  Another night they had dressage.  Some of this was okay –  but there were also many tense horses.  I know they were in a strange environment – but the pressure for both horse and rider to perform was unbearable.

I was being so critical – but did I have any answers?  What would I do differently?

The familiar voice in my head was saying  “Well, what would you know???”  Ohhhh – that voice from my childhood – from as long ago as I could remember!   Indeed – what would I know??      I didn’t know what I would do – but I felt frustrated – I was still searching for something – and  I didn’t know what it was.

Marta Williams , an animal communicator,  was at Equitana.  I decided to book in for a reading with her to talk about my horses.  Even though I was doing my own communicating – it is much easier for someone else to tune into your own horse!  I asked her about Magnum.  She said I needed to think outside the box, something like clicker training – had I heard of it?  No – I hadn’t.  I thought it was something they did with dolphins!

Marta said there was someone at Equitana promoting clicker training – maybe I should go and watch.  I had a look at the programme – and sure enough Georgia Bruce  was putting on a clicker demonstration.  I went and watched and was amazed at what she and her horse Rumba could do!!  But it wasn’t only what they could do.  I noticed it was a whole different ‘vibe’.  They were having fun!!  They were partners!!  There was such an uplifting feeling there – very different to the feeling of control and pressure.

Is this what I was looking for?  She had written a book – How to Click with you Horse – which I purchased.  I would study it when I got home!!  She has also given a Ted Talk which I will include here.

There was something else that happened at Equitana.  There was an area where horses were stabled – promoting different breeds – there were the Walers – the horses taken into battle in WW1, there were Quarterhorses, Clydesdales, Arabs, Stockhorses etc. etc.  Each breed society had information promoting their breed.  It was great to wander around there.

It was makeshift accommodation and the weather had turned cold and miserable – there wasn’t much room to get out of the rain.  But I struggled to leave the area, because the horses had started talking…. in fact they were almost shouting.  It started with one – and kept going – they were saying “You made a promise…. you made a promise….YOU MADE A PROMISE!!!!” – and that’s what they said – each one I went to told me I had made a promise!!

I’d heard  this occasionally during talks with horses – but I tended to dismiss it.  Now I couldn’t ignore it…..  and somehow I knew when I had made that promise… yes it was back in the previous lifetime which you can read about here –  Part 9 – Breakdown, Enlightenment – and Memories from the Past ……

I knew I had promised them a better deal, I had promised them I would somehow help in improving their lives.  I could see that the whole mindset of being with horses needed to change – they needed to be valued and honoured – not just as war horses – or race horses – or horses that win ribbons – they needed to be  valued for the true gifts they bring to us.

I didn’t know how I was going to honour that promise – but I needed to find a way.  Back then it seemed impossible.  I had four horses at home and I was struggling with all of them!!!

I told them  I would do the very best I could to honour this promise – but at that time – I had no idea how, and I didn’t have enough knowledge to know how to do it.

Equitana had introduced me to clicker training – and re-confirmed that I had indeed made a promise…. so what was to come?





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