Part 105 – The Kind Ladies – Weaving Spells!

It’s interesting that I have mentioned Pat Parelli in the previous post.  I have written previously about The Parelli Years

I was so thankful at the time for Parelli Horsemanship.  It was ‘human friendly’.  The human was positively reinforced – it was one giant worldwide horse community.  Everyone seemed to be on ‘the same page’.  At the time, I was uneasy with what I was meant to do in the ‘ seven games’ – but if everyone was doing it, it must be right???  Mustn’t it???

Now I had found Alex’s small, inexpensive clinics, tucked away quietly – without fanfare – thanks to the  wonders of the internet – and my  continuous search for something better!  And there was magic being woven – I had seen ‘the glowing’!  There were skills to be learnt – and a lot to take in.  There was also a mental shift needed in how I viewed the horse – all my previously learnt opinions from gurus and cowboys – now needed to be put aside.

I’m reminded of something Ducati used to say to me many times – and it never made sense to me -“Forget everything you have learnt – remember everything you have learnt”.  Hmmm – I still don’t quite get the whole saying – but the first part rings true.  On thinking more – maybe I did already know all of this – is that why Parelli didn’t sit well with me?

In any area of life – do we question enough?  Or do we blindly follow – because that’s what is done…..  something to ponder….

I was also reminded of ‘The Kind Ladies’ – and I will explain that.  The Kind Ladies is a term my psychologist, Joy, and I got to know well.  As I have briefly talked about in an early post –  Part 9 – Breakdown, Enlightenment – and Memories from the Past ……     I had a breakdown in 1999/2000.  The breakdown revealed many things – and may be the subject of a completely different blog series…. but now – to explain The Kind Ladies.

As part of my therapy Joy got me to work through a book by John Bradshaw called Homecoming  It was like this book had been written for me!!!  Without going into details, it takes you through each developmental stage of your life.  There are exercises to do – and meditations – and one thing you do is ‘automatic writing’ – that is – write with your non dominant hand.  At each stage you write as if you were a child at that age.

The Kind Ladies came about through my automatic writing of when I was about four.   I wrote that I wanted to ride my black horse – which had wings – and fly to the castle where The Kind Ladies lived.  They made cups of tea, we searched through their huge libraries and read books, wandered through the castle – and ate cakes!  We laughed a lot and they were all so happy and interested – they showed me how to cast spells – good spells – that made people and animals happy.  Then after a long time, they would wave me goodbye, and I would fly home on my winged horse…..

Now that memory floored me!!!!  I will forever think of Alex’s clinics as a visit to The Kind Ladies.   Yes I fly in a plane –  but I am almost fulfilling my childhood writings – everyone is kind,  we have cups of tea, eat cakes, discuss books – and weave spells – that make people and animals happy!

And it was so fitting that we visited a castle on the trip to Germany!!





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