It’s been quite a while since I posted – my apologies!

The reason for my absence is that I am writing a book! Well, I’m writing a series of books!

Back in June/July I ran an animal communication weekend for our local horse group. During this weekend it was evident that the horses were angry and frustrated. They were angry that the majority of horse owners still didn’t understand them.

These readings impacted me and several others who were present. During the following week I was exhausted. The readings had so affected me! I spent a few days lying down – doing as little as possible – and then it came to me how I could help them more effectively.

I have been writing this blog for several years, but I needed to do more. I knew I needed to write a book. That thought then developed into several books!

I needed to write first about my breakdown and how I came to be with horses, the next book will follow my learning journey with them – and the third book will be about the messages I have from the horses and what they would like us humans to know.

So I started to write – and now my first book is about to go into editing and should be published by March 2022.

But what have I been doing with the horses in this time? Well, I’ve learnt that tiny changes mean a lot – even related to the way I hug them! There has been lots of hugging! There have also been many games, lots of husbandry work – but mainly – lots of love.

Here is a video I made when I held a clicker training day with my local group. I hope you enjoy it.

It was fun putting this together – because I was able to see the progress, particularly with Magnum. It reinforces to me how valuable clicker training is, how much the horses love it – and how much they love learning in this safe environment.

They are understood, they are seen, they have a voice.

This is only a short blog as I am knee deep in the book writing, but I want to show you a preview of the first book – without the story in the first book, there would have been no horse journey.

At present there is a pre launch offer of $19.95AU – plus postage $5 AU – to anywhere in the world. REMEMBER THE BOOK WILL NOT BE READY UNTIL MARCH NEXT YEAR (2022). I will include a photo of the current cover and a link to purchase it.

Here is the link if you would like to pre order a copy!

I will be back with more blogs very soon!!

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