I have been quiet on this page for some time. The reason for this has been because all my attention has been focused on writing my book. Well, not only writing it! There is so much that goes on around the production of a book. It is all consuming.

But it is important for me to write this series, so other things have taken a back seat.

The horses may not be getting the amount of attention that they have previously, however they still get their daily one on one time – and many hugs! After hours at the computer, there is nothing better than burying my head into their necks – and it’s obvious that they enjoy it too!

But for now – back to the book!

This Wednesday, July 6, at 8 am Australian NSW time, my ebook will be released. It will be available on Amazon US and Amazon AU for 99 cents! I am aiming for Amazon Bestseller status and I’m hoping you can help me!

Below are the links to both sites:

For Amazon Australia: https://tinyurl.com/heatherlaunchday
For Amazon USA: https://tinyurl.com/heatheruslaunchday

Meanwhile, the paperback version has run into some more issues but will be available very soon! For all who have purchased a hard copy of the book – thankyou! If you would like a hard copy, please go to my new website – https://www.horsemagicstories.com/

If you are outside of Australia and would like a signed copy, complete with bookmark, please email me at horsemagicstories@gmail so I can calculate postage for you!

Receiving the sample print copy of my book

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