The Miracle of Magnum

I have interrupted my Horse Journey blog to bring you a preview of Magnum as he is now.   I certainly have many more stories to tell.  It’s going to take me a while!

That’s why I want to share this video now – to give other people and horses hope.  If you are struggling with your horse, Magnum’s transformation story may help you.   But it’s not just a ‘method’ of positive reinforcement – and it’s not just about the theory – which of course is necessary to understand.   It can  require a whole different mindset.  I have found the traditional horse world to be very harsh – and at the other end, I have found some so called ‘alternative’ horse masters not all they appear to be – using appealing terms but not really being able to follow through on what they claim.

Magnum has taught me that it takes lots of time – and lots of patience – and short, clear and gentle sessions. In early encounters, I may have got the tiniest blink of the eye, or movement of a muscle – and then that was the end of the session!

If you persevere,  miracles start to unfold – things happen you never dreamt would happen.  You and your horse become ‘connected’.  Oh I don’t really like the term ‘connection’.  It’s a bit vague.  What I mean is you start to understand each other.  You can ‘laugh’ together if things don’t go right.  You listen so carefully to each step that you start to really see where your horse may be struggling – either physically or mentally.

Most importantly – you are on the same level – you are equal partners in the journey.  And you see the real horse – you see the sparkle in the eye grow – you are finally talking a language they understand.

I can now see the real Magnum – oh what a wonderful horse!   I cry for how he was treated – I cry for what more he could have done if he had not sustained physical damage when caught as a wild horse.  He can only walk now – but he is my keenest horse partner!  In fact, he hates the session ending and heads back into the arena to stand on the mat!!

….And  I cry for all the troubled horses out there.  Because all they want to do is be partners in the true sense – they want the stimulation of learning new things –  in a calm, safe environment – they want to be with you – they love the hugs and attention!  And they have so much to teach us if we will only listen!!

I want to thank every person who I have met on this Horse Journey – because they have helped me get where I am now…  But I want to very much thank  Alexandra Kurland and her wonderful coaches – in particular – Cindy Bennett Martin – and Monty Gwynne–  and all the clicker community.  Without them and the support they have given me – Magnum and I would not be where we are today.

You will hear more about my adventures. But for now here is a video of Magnum and I – please feel free to share!!






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