Something happened several months after Danny’s arrival.  I had been talking to the friend who was originally going to buy Danny.  She had pulled out after deciding her workload was too much at that time to manage a horse.  Things had settled down and she was now on the lookout for a quiet horse.

I said I would keep an eye out for her as I really enjoyed looking at horses for sale.  At that time I was still a member of Parelli’s Savvy Club.  They had a ‘members area’ online where horses were advertised.  I happened to be browsing this page and saw an ad for a horse.  The owner had bred some horses but now she had to sell them due to ill health.  She had a Percheron cross for sale.  He had been started – but was green.  However he was quiet and would suit most people.

I showed it to my friend, but she wasn’t interested.  That should have been the end of it!  But I kept going back to the ad.  The horse’s name was Saadi – and I could swear he was smiling at me from the photo!  I would look at his photo, then go back to working on the computer (we were still running our business).  Then I would go back and look at him again.  This went on and on – and I couldn’t get him out of my head.  I fell in love with him!

saadi (2)

I emailed the owner and she sent me more photos – I asked more questions. And I stared at him – yes, he was definitely smiling at me!  The owner suggested I come down and see him – but it would have to be soon as she was due to have surgery.  She was about eight hours away.  I thought about it – but I just couldn’t organise in that time to travel there.  I asked for recent photos – which she also sent me.

I then talked to Doug and said “I think I’ve found my dream horse”.  He was horrified!  Weren’t three horses enough?  I said “But I think he needs to come here”.  By that time he knew I was hooked.  He just said ‘I think you’re crazy.  Do you really want four horses?’  No, I didn’t really want four horses – I’d never planned to have four horses – but Saadi needed to be with me!  “Well” he said – if you really think you can manage it”.

I didn’t know if I could manage it, but I wanted Saadi!!!!  So I told the owner I would take him – and then organised transport!!  It was going to take two days to get here.  Okay – it was done – just like that!  Doug just shook his head – wondering what problem this horse would have!!!

Well ……..I was about to find out!!!






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