Part 21 – Saadi Arrives – What have I done???

The horse transport finally arrived – a huge shiny truck.  The driver came walking up the driveway.  He didn’t want to take his new truck through our gully so he was going to offload Saadi at the bottom.  He said to me “Boy, you’ve got yourself a handful there!”.  Oh no!!  My heart sank!  That wasn’t a good sign!!

I had my friend here that day and we both prepared for him to step out.  Well here came this wild looking, big, black horse!  He was snorting and calling – and ever so strong.  My friend led him up the hill and we put him in the small paddock to start.

Again, I asked myself what had I just done!!!  Was this really the horse who smiled back at me in the photo?? I know he had just arrived in new surroundings from a long trip – but he looked really scary – and aggressive!!

I could see he needed someone with him – so I put Danny in there – knowing that Danny wouldn’t try and challenge him.  Well, poor Danny – he was terrified!  Next I tried Ducati – and he looked like he was going to enjoy and altercation – and I was worried Saadi would hurt him.  That wasn’t going to work!

I could see only one thing for it. Put him in the big paddock with all of them – so there was plenty of room to move!   Saadi quickly learnt that Magnum was boss – and that was fine for Saadi – in fact Saadi fell head over heels in love with Magnum!  That presented problems for Ducati – he knew he couldn’t compete – but he would still challenge him when he could.

Poor Ducati was knocked off his number two position.  Saadi took that spot.  However Magnum and Ducati have been lifelong friends so Magnum shares himself between the two.  Danny is still at the bottom.

Each morning and afternoon they walk the track around to the stable…. Magnum in the lead – followed by Saadi, then Ducati – and Danny bringing up the rear.  That has only changed recently, because of Magnum’s sore joint.

When they return down the hill, Ducati plays a game – he rushes past Saadi, then gallops down the hill – he knows he always wins with speed!!

So – back to the story – Saadi’s arrival..  I knew I had to get to know him – still I was terrified.  He seemed pushy and aggressive.  Back then I didn’t realise it was the only way he knew how to adjust to his new life.  He pulled on the rope and walked all over you – his strength was overwhelming.  If I tried to tie him up he just pulled back and broke the rope!

He was the sort of horse that it would be easy to take a stick to.  He was stubborn and pushy.  Well, the owner did say it was a few years since she had done anything with him as she was way too ill.  I put too much emphasis on that photo….. but it captured my heart.

So now I did a stocktake of my four horses.


Magnum – untouchable… but beautiful!



Ducati – something a bit scary about him…but ever so smart – a real gentleman!


dannyboys arrival 006

Danny – absolutely vague – in his own world.. but very sweet – his nickname is “Little Sweetie”


horses 049

Saadi – big, pushy, stubborn…. but can be like a giant teddy bear!




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