Patty and I received a message that Kert wanted to meet with us on the Monday during the week of the break.

On the day,  Chloe came with a message that we were to meet with Kert at 5.30 pm at the one year students’ house.  So off we went – wondering what would happen.

The others all looked uncomfortable with us there as they were about to have a meeting to discuss problems in the group – I think Kert had meetings like that with them each day. Some of them were irritated we were there. I felt like an intruder.

When Kert came in he was surprised to see us and said Chloe got the wrong message – but as we were there we would meet altogether with the one year students.   He asked Patty and I to take the seats at the opposite end of the table to him, with the others sitting either side.

Then he started – he said he was concerned about how we would be feeling as it was hard realising the illusion and moving into reality!

So he said now we could air any issues we had with Patty going first.  She said how the ‘joke’ upset her.  He agreed perhaps it was a bit rough and apologised and said he would tone it down. All very easy.

Then my turn – I said that I felt I hadn’t had a chance to explain about the contract and I wanted to – because for me it was important that everyone understood my side as my integrity was very important.

So I proceeded to tell my bit – how I had sat at the computer crying in frustration because I couldn’t work out how to set up a subscription website – and even the design people had to make sure the software was up to it!  How I saw the accountant and then contacted the solicitor.  I wanted to make sure everything was above board, done the right way, that copyright was protected and that I had followed all the laws.  I explained that internet law is a growing requirement and to be professional you need to have it all covered.

I said  – “I was protecting you Kert! –  the contract was for you! – your work – not for me!”

I saw a momentary sheepish look which was gone in a flash!   He stopped and thought about it and said well, we can still do it another way -it was still brown world reasoning and that he didn’t think we could continue with it.  I said I certainly didn’t want to!

Of course I had tried hard – but couldn’t control my tears throughout this.  It was a relief to get it out – and the tears flowed.

Kert then said to the one year students – who were sitting five each side –  “Can you see what Heather is doing?  She is making you feel sorry for her!!!  You will be thinking – poor Heather, bad Kert!”  I was once again stunned!  I said I was only frustrated and was not playing a game of manipulation.

Then there was a long lecture about destiny, evil and illusions and I was a product of that.  He occasionally shouted and boomed – and then in the end  he did his usual softening  and joking.

What was most disturbing about this was that the group of ten were agreeing with him.  They were becoming his followers and I felt alienated.  Now, they had invested a lot in the course, so really, it was the only action they could take!





2 thoughts on “Part 51 – The Meeting

  1. “Kert” is certainly an extreme example of this cultish manipulation, but sadly he’s not uncommon especially in the horse world where people so passionately want to learn. I’ve come across several examples and you have to wonder about their motivation for being so horrid and spiteful. Well done you for not assaulting the dreadful man, what gives him the right to condemn both you and your beautiful horse

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