5. More from Anja Beran … and a Lunchtime Visitor!!!

After our day off we were ready to take in the last two days of the Workshop.  We were to see canter work.  Once again Vera and Anja displayed great horsemanship and explained the various movements.  I wonder what I was doing on that day as I cannot find any notes!

I think perhaps I was watching in awe – sipping tea – and enjoying the whole performance!!!  I remember thinking that I didn’t want the moments to end.  I could have watched for much longer!!

Each day lunch went over almost two hours.  This gave us the opportunity to enjoy the gardens – and the lunchtime visitors!  Here are some photos.  Feature photo by Michaela Hempen.

What a happy place it is.  I can’t remember the name of this pot bellied pig but he was so entertaining.  We had great discussions, sat in the gardens and were joined by the animals!

After lunch we had a demonstration of working a group of horses at liberty.  Elmar Kretz travelled with eight horses to spend the afternoon with us.  He works with groups of four and had four horses new to the training.  Here are some photos.

I enjoyed watching these horses explore the arena – especially the mirrors!  This demonstration showed me something.  While most of the group were thoroughly entertained – I struggled with watching the training…..I could see how it could be done with clicker training – and I could see the tension in the horses.

I realised how far I had come – particularly in being observant with horses.  I don’t like being critical – and I think he did a good job, but it would have been more fun for him and the horses with clicker training.

It was interesting that the rest of the crowd enjoyed it – and I didn’t.  Was I becoming some sort of elite snob???  No – it’s just that now I know more, I can see a better way.  I would probably never attempt to train four horses at once – but I do often have four horses loose in the stable and my only tool is a treat pouch.  Hmm – that sounds a bit smug!

It doesn’t mean I do it perfectly – Saadi often cannot stay in his ‘spot’ and I could easily be caught in an argument between him and Ducati while I open the gates to their pens for feeding.  In fact, here is a video of ‘change over time’!!!  Horses keep escaping into the arena!!!

Not quite under control – but they did want to come in – rather than go out!!!

Once more, I’ve rambled on….

The final day –

We watched a demonstration by Kathrin Roida and her team.  She showed how she uses the cavalettis in conjunction with dressage exercises and to help with balance.  It also introduces horses to new colours and objects.  We also saw a Friesian stallion and I learnt that piaffe is used to prepare the canter – and that we need piaffe for all horses!  Anja also demonstrated ground work at liberty – with only the neck ring – on a 23 year old Lusitano.  Once again take a look at the photos here.


Sadly, this was our fifth and final day – but there is something else that happened during my time there….



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