1. Horse Adventures in Europe 2018!

I’m excited to write about this recent trip.  I have interrupted ‘The Long Road” blog to write this up, while it is fresh in my memory.

In July this year – 2018 – I was fortunate to be able to spend two weeks in the company of Alexandra Kurland, Michaela Hempen and Rebekka Schulze.

I flew to Milan, Italy from UK, where I had been visiting my sister.  Michaela met Alex and I at the airport – and then whisked us away through the  Swiss Alps, Austria and then to Germany.  I could hardly believe I was travelling through these countries and my camera was kept busy from the back seat of the car!


We were headed for a week to the 8th International Workshop with Anja Beran.  Michaela’s parents kindly had us all stay the first night and they were wonderful hosts!  Michaela was busy as the translator!  They live in Ravensburg – and what a beautiful town!  It is of course the home of the famous Ravensburger puzzles!


We spent most of the following day recovering from our travels and engaging in wonderful horse conversation!  I had not seen Alex since 2015 – and Michaela I had only met in 2014 – but it is a great feeling to be with like minds – and the conversation just flows!  Before we knew it, it was mid afternoon and time to head to our accommodation near Anja’s property.

Michaela had booked accommodation attached to a working dairy farm.  It was a great space to come home to each night, with a beautiful view of the Bavarian Alps.  Michaela and I had bunk beds – it was almost like being on school camp!!!  The days were long and we slept like logs.  We soon fell into an easy routine – breakfast, make our lunches, clean up – and head out the door!

I didn’t really know what to expect at Anja Beran’s Workshop.  I had heard about Anja from Michaela and I knew she was so happy to find both Anja and Alex around the same time.  Michaela describes Anja as teaching her ‘what’ to do and Alex teaches her ‘how’ to do it.  To hear Michaela and Alex discussing this, listen to the Equiosity podcast here.  It is a fabulous podcast (as they all are) – and I think there is much to take away from the ‘what’ of Anja’s work with the ‘how’ of Alex’s work.

I have to admit, I would not have attended Anja’s workshop if it had not coincided with Alex’s week of teaching in Italy.  I saw that it would be a wonderful opportunity to see Anja’s work first hand.

On arriving at Anja’s facility, I knew I was entering horse heaven!  Here are some photos of the surrounds!


It was wonderful to wander around – admiring the grounds, the gardens, the horses – and all the other animals Anja has!  She has rescue animals – and others that were retired from the circus.  Here are a selection!

The crowning glory of course is the indoor arena!  If you have seen Anja’s books you will have seen the arena.  Here are some photos!

To say I walked around with my mouth open is an understatement!!!  I have never seen a horse facility as beautiful as this.  Everything was presented to perfection.

But that wasn’t all.  What I noticed was a beautiful, quiet, calm environment.  That’s what stood out.  The horses were calm – happy in their surroundings – and everything seemed to run like clockwork.

What I was noticing was a ‘clearness’ – which is the only way I could describe it.  A perfect environment for learning.  And a perfect environment to spend the week and take everything in!

I was ready to settle into my chair – and take in all I could in the coming week!…..


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