8. On The Road to Italy!

After the medieval fair, we left early the next morning so we could arrive in Verona, Italy around midday. We drove through spectacular scenery. I was busy taking photos from the back seat – Rebekka was dozing, Asfaloth was sitting quietly between us – and in the front, Michaela and Alex were chatting.

Once again we passed through Germany, Austria, Switzerland – and then into Italy. There was a lot for me to observe – and to think about. I was digesting the previous night – and the week, while looking at the scenery.

We arrived in Verona around midday. Michaela had arranged for her friend Luce Canever – a Tag teacher and archeologist – to take us on a tour around Verona! Wow! Our very own guide!! He showed us things we never would have known about! Here are some photos.

Verona was beautiful – some of us tried the very dark coffee, we tackled the ‘standing toilets’, visited the Romeo and Juliet balcony, and … the Verona Arena – it stages many operatic performances.


And this is where the famous ‘Travelling Four’ photo was taken – courtesy of Luce!


What a great little unexpected sightseeing trip. Thanks Michaela and Luce!

Once again we were back in the car headed for Michaela’s home in Parma. She had everything worked out! Sleeping arrangements – and our schedule for the following day. We started with a quick trip for groceries and then set off to wind our way into the mountains.

We made some stops on the way. Michaela is doing a ‘cribbing project’. Read about it here. We visited the horse in question – and yes, he was cribbing! It will be interesting to follow this project. We also stopped for compulsory gelato!

newmobile6 (1)

Michaela then took us further into the hills – we were headed to the property of Giulia Gaibazzi and her husband Eugenio. They have created a paradise in the mountains. If you go to Michaela’s page here you can read more about it – plus see the outline of Alex’s course in July.


We had arrived in the most beautiful place – so pleasantly isolated – up a very winding road – and so wild!!

Guilia and her husband have created a beautiful centre – for horses and for other workshops. This is where Michaela’s two horses – Asfaloth and Graya – live – along with Guilia’s horses – and other horses which may come in for training.

It was the day before Alex’s clinic started. We had time to take in the surrounds, meet the horses, and visit the arena. I could see we were in for an exciting few days!

But the day wasn’t over!

We headed back to town and did a tour of Parma. I was so struck by the marble footpaths – so classy! Parma is a lovely town. We toured churches, parks and the town – and eventually made our way to a restaurant to meet the other course participants. I was feeling very Italian by this time – extremely late dinners, laid back atmosphere – and an awesome gelato dessert! You will see in the first photo in this series a cat having a bike ride! I think his owner takes him to the park each day – very cute!!

I think we collapsed into our beds well after midnight – we had an early start for the next day!



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