At present most of the world is in lockdown while we get this virus under control.  So many lives have been lost – as well as other’s lives being disrupted.  It’s a tough time for all.  However, I am in the fortunate position of living on land and having my horses here.  My lifestyle hasn’t changed too much.

I came up with the idea of posting a video each day while we are in lockdown.  They will just show everyday life here in the horse shed as I look after my four boys!  I’m sure some will be more interesting than others!  I will go through hoof trimming and worming with Magnum – and also putting a rug on him for the first time.  Here is the rug video

If you have been following my blog, you will know Magnum’s story – from the horse that could not be touched to a clicker star!  You will also understand why the process of introducing new things – and even familiar things – is so slow and steady!

I also feature the other three horses.  I try to give them all a turn each morning!  Here is Ducati having a turn!

We are coming out of a wet summer –  Saadi has Queenland Itch – or Sweet Itch so requires daily attention – and unfortunately this year Magnum has had a skin condition all over his body – as well as the regular pastern dermatitis.  Danny has cut his leg, which I am bandaging – and recently Ducati trapped himself in a group of wattle trees in the paddock and had to be rescued!

This video shows Danny getting his leg bandaged!

So there is never a dull moment!  And through all these moments, it’s the clicker training that shines.  It makes each step so much easier – and the only time it fails is when the trainer (me) messes up!  But fortunately horses are very forgiving!

The more I do this, the more I learn – I gain more and more understanding – I constantly try and put myself in their hooves!  I want to treat them in a way that I’d like to be treated.

I always think of the words Karen Pryor said to me when I met her at Clicker Expo in 2014.  She asked what animal I trained as she signed a copy of her book for me.  I told her I train horses.  “That’s wonderful to hear” she said…. “Because horses are the most misunderstood creatures and there needs to be more and more positive reinforcement trainers for them…”

I also know I made a promise to them.  If you go back to this post you can read about it Part 23 – Equitana…… an awakening….

I will keep working on that promise.  I will keep being kind.  And I will keep on spreading the word.

So if you would like to see these videos, subscribe to my YouTube channel here!

And please stay safe during this time!



2 thoughts on “The Lockdown Series!

  1. My horse has had itchy skin for long periods of the year since he was quite young-he’s now 8. Like you I tried a multitude of things to help him. Some worked for a short period of time but nothing lasted. This year, at the suggestion of my farrier, we tried bee pollen. It has been the most effective thing I’ve tried! The itch has remained mainly around his head and chest but has not spread to the rest of his body, which it was starting to. He is not totally clear but way more comfortable than any other time in his eight years. Just thought I’d share 😊

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