Part 109 – Books, Therapy and Horses

In the first half of 2015, I continued having therapy, reading books and clicker training the horses.  It was a strange time.  Ducati kept improving – I got to know my new horse area, gradually making changes where needed – and I continued on my quest to change my outlook on life.

I visited Karen monthly – working away through the anger.  The new medication took a while to make a difference – but finally my head was out of the lounge room cushions!!

When I wasn’t outside with the horses, I was busy reading many books – some for my personal therapy – and others for clicker training.  However as frustrating as it was – I needed to focus on the personal ones.

The year started to roll along quietly.  I started to make more progress with Magnum – however I was still nervous of his sudden moves – and he was still ready to jump away if it was all too much.  But my design was working – I kept myself on the inside so he could run to the open space.

It rained a lot during that year.  In fact it rained so hard at times my new stable set up flooded!!!  It needed some drainage work.  Doug had put down a cement pathway for me – and I continued to experiment with where it was best to have the new pens.

We worked on the flooding problem – now it is manageable.  The covered area made an incredible difference to the horse work.  I played with umbrellas (because it was raining a lot!), got Magnum used to a new purple halter in order to do some rope handling and started touching him more.  I tentatively taught him to lift his legs – the front ones first – I was scared of the hinds – I’d seen him kick out swiftly sometimes at the other horses…..

All the horses were comfortable with the new setup.  I so enjoyed being out of the rain … or heat.  In summer I mowed and thought about either horses or my own issues.  In winter…. it was much the same – minus the mowing.  With the shorter days I spent more time reading…. and pondering…

I also attended a horse clinic nearby with some of my old mates who do natural horsemanship.  They are a great bunch of people and I really admire their get up and go!!!  I go to the clinics with my animal communicator hat on.  But this time I was in such conflict.bblog clinic

A multitude of feelings raced through my head on those days.  I tried to be fairly quiet about my clicker training.  In fact I realised, in front of this group, I felt almost embarrassed.  Doubts arose in my head.  No one really asked me anything about it.  They were all riding quite safely.  I wasn’t even riding!!!

It was only later that I realised how much this was testing me.  As someone who was conditioned to strive to ‘fit the box’ – stay ‘normal’ – listen to the ones in authority etc. etc., here was a situation that would test how I was going with living without those constraints in my mind.

My positive reinforcement journey was therapy in itself – looking outside the box -questioning things – observing – becoming absorbed.  There was no going back!!




5 thoughts on “Part 109 – Books, Therapy and Horses

  1. Just finished the whole blog – have you managed to get a copy of Anja Beran’s book and DVD? The one Alex was talking about on Equiosity? Training the Eye or something similar?
    Your blog was amazing – absolutely loved it. Went through my father’s decline and death in late 2014 but was much faster than your Mum’s and he spent his last weeks at home with visiting carers. It was actually a good experience!
    I’m horseless for a few more weeks then I can get stuck into working with them again after years off! Very keen to do Alex’s course also.
    Thanks for sharing everything!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wow Adrienne! The whole blog! That’s great! Sorry to hear you had similar experience with your Dad’s decline. Yes I have Anja’s DVD – and in fact I’m only just starting to look at it. Yes it’s called Training the Eye. And I also have her two books – Dressage – and Classical Schooling. I have to admit I’ve been busy looking at the photos rather than reading in detail!! Something else to get to!! You will very much enjoy Alex’s course!!


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