I was fortunate to have a friend nearby who had  experience with horses.  She would come around and sometimes hop on Ducati.  He seemed okay – I just couldn’t get over my fear.  We did spend time taking him into our forest and riding on the short trail.  In fact one day my friend came with her horse and I rode Ducati!  Amazing! But I couldn’t repeat it.  We mainly just walked together on the trail – on foot – my friend and I – and Ducati.

On one of these walks,  I suddenly heard in my head ……. ‘You don’t remember me do you?’  ‘What?’  I thought.  Then I realised I was hearing Ducati!!!

‘Oh my God!’ I said to my friend  ‘He’s talking!  Ducati’s talking!!!’  Fortunately this friend didn’t think I was mad! And when I say talking – I don’t mean he was talking like Mr Ed!  I was having a conversation with him in my head!

We kept walking and he kept talking!  He said ‘Signal Corp.’  To me  he sounded very British.  I expected him to say “Tally Ho” or something like that!

“I was in the Signal Corp – we were sometimes together – operating the heliograph” .  What????  Talk about mind blowing!

“What’s a heliograph?” I said.  “Signal Corp – the war – you were in the war Ducati!!!”  And I was getting bits of information.  He was a horse in the war –  he really liked his job.  He was very matter of fact.  He gave me the impression of an English gentleman who would keep a stiff upper lip!

When I got back to the house I looked up ‘heliograph’.   Here is the meaning for heliograph

Signal station – from the book ‘Under Furred Hats’ – I have my Grandfather’s copy!

I couldn’t really believe what had just taken place.  This was now six or seven years after my initial revelation – and here was this horse talking to me about the war!!!!

Suddenly, training horses paled into insignificance with what was unfolding.  Now I had so many questions. Would I be able to tune in again.  Not only was Ducati talking to me – I was hearing about the past!!!

He told me he was in a group of horses that were part of the signal patrol.  I didn’t ride him  – but he knew me!!!

He also talked in general about how horses are just waiting for humans to ‘catch up’ – how they need to lose their superior attitude before they will make real advances with their relationship with the animal kingdom.  I knew what he meant, because I had seen that during my ‘enlightenment time’ – how the world through our eyes (human) is really an illusion – everything is connected and every other living thing is no more or less important.

These conversations happened over time – there were other bits and pieces – but I’d learnt, in tuning in to people, not to ‘try’ to hard – it’s more of a ‘wait’ and then it will flow.

By 2008 I was running a small  home business with friend Sheryl – we created ‘Sereneva’.  We ran meditation groups and other courses – and also sold handcrafted jewellery sourced from all over the world.  It was a lot of fun!  But I knew it was taking me away from the horses.

I knew it was a diversion for me – then I didn’t have to think about what my next step was with the horses….. but the horses kept calling.    Eventually we decided to follow our own directions – me returning to the horses –  and Sheryl furthering her meditation classes – she now has her own business – specialising in meditation –   Pure Heart Wellbeing.

Magnum and Ducati were waiting patiently in the paddock – well Ducati not so patiently!  I would feed them twice daily – spend some time with Ducati – and Magnum… well sometimes I could touch his nose – that’s all.  I struggled with my fear regarding Ducati – even though we were ‘talking’ I couldn’t overcome the nervousness – and despite all of this, I still wanted to be a Parelli success.

Having a chat!







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