Our second course was about to start and old friends were arriving – as well as others I had never met.  Maybe it was an omen – things got off to a bad start.

One woman arrived – let’s call her Lesley – she was staying in the same set of units as us.  I greeted her – introduced myself – she looked at me and  asked me who I was – was I Miss Congeniality!!!  I was stunned – she seemed to take offense that I greeted her!  Okay – I won’t really bother with her then!!

The following day we started our course. There were eight of us for Level 2 – and the ten there for the one year schooling.  So  – eighteen of us – and we had all done courses with Kert before.

The first day Kert worked with one of the one year student’s horses – Cody.  This little horse was pretty agitated and apparently there had been some incidents with trailering.  Also he constantly walked – and did not stand still. It was the first time I hadn’t seen a miraculous change.  Things did improve – but not to the same extent.

Kert announced on the first day that this year it was a longer course – and cheaper – and therefore it would only be for half days!   We could  work on ‘self development’ in the afternoon as a group. What????  That wasn’t the plan!  We were meant to be getting more in depth work with horses!!!!  I felt so let down!

Well, the first afternoon of our ‘self development’ our  group got together and were meant to give feedback to each other on  what they felt the horse would ‘see’ about us.  What was our body language saying?.  We paired up to talk about this and then came together again as one large group.

As we started to discuss it as a group,   Lesley  just said out of the blue to the whole group  that the horse would notice my extreme insecurity and that I gave out the energy of a weak person, not sure of herself!  Whaaatt??  Where did that come from?

Well, my mouth fell open!  I was stunned – as it was not constructive criticism – just an attack.   I said to her that I didn’t appreciate that criticism and it offended me.   She did apologise – but by then I was just annoyed!

I was so disappointed by the half days and now I was  fuming over the Lesley incident!

Also going on at that time  back at home,  I knew poor Doug was working at the southern end of the state – then driving home – to turn around and take Mum up to see sister Sue! This was a 13 hour trip one way –  then he would return home to do it again the following weekend!!!

So the following morning in the shower the feelings were overwhelming – I came out crying …… Doug was busting himself for me so I could stay – we were paying a fortune to have Kert teach us for half days – and also paying for some stranger to criticise me!!!!

I said to Patty ” I have to speak up this morning to Kert – if he throws me out – so be it.  But nowhere did it say half days”.  Kert liked to say – don’t let anything brew – speak up – and that’s what I was about to do…..




2 thoughts on “Part 40 – Under Attack!

  1. Fascinating story agree it should definitely become a book. I think many people, particularly woman, start to question the traditional relationship with horses. I love eventing and admire the excellence of the top riders but I can’t drill my own horses in the way it would take to be successful it just doesn’t feel right or comfortable. There are many looking for another path to trust and understanding. Could wish that you hadn’t named your cast iron bitch Lesley tho 🙂

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