Part 69 – The Horse Shaman – Coming out of the Dark

The following shows an example of what happens when you try to extract yourself from a cult like group.  The leader does not let you go without a fight.  Sigrid was to meet with Rolf to discuss the details of the bill he presented to her.  Fortunately she had some friends who were going to be with her for support.  But ‘Rolf’ arrives early – possibly to catch her off guard….

Immediately he points out she will have to pay his fee as well, he after all was responsible for her getting better. She was in the gutter when she came to him, she was depressed and now she no longer is due to his care. Sigrid is astounded to hear this and gets the feeling he came earlier on purpose so she could not have time to prepare herself.

She lets him know she has an appointment, but he calls her arrogant. He takes the trouble of trying to explain everything and she simply wants to walk out. He goes on to say, she has her obligations, surely she realizes she has a rental agreement with them? Sigrid is gasping for air. She does not have a rental agreement with him, she answers. Oh yes, claims Rolf, it was a verbal agreement and there are at least six witnesses standing outside the door right now. He thinks a sum of 60.000 Mark would suffice.

“I warn you”, he continued. “in case you fail to comprehend this, you will get to know me quite differently yet, then we will simply not leave at all. Then you can forget about your contract/agreement with Miro. And I would prohibit you from entering every room in the house except your room upstairs, there you can rot”. Sigrid gets up and says she has to leave now. The other members look at her blankly and she is happy Philipp will accompany her that afternoon. She does not stand a chance alone against all of them. She goes upstairs to get some belongings and when she wants to walk out of the front door, she sees the others talking with Rolf. Once again, he stops her and warns her not to mess with him. “Others have tried”, he assures, “and they have all failed. They have lost everything. I am too strong for them. I have special protection from Heaven. I never lose. 

Sigrid’s friends Phillip and Julia help her during this time – and also introduce her to a Mr Menke from the Catholic Church diocese.  He has experience with cult groups. The story follows:

Mr Menke explains to Sigrid he knows about Rolf and his followers and warns her not to go into her house alone. It could be very dangerous.

Dangerous!!!  Now she is staying with her friends and employs a solicitor to fight the claims Rolf has made:

Sigrid wonders how she ever got involved in something that is called a sect or cult. If someone had asked her years ago whether she ever saw herself being involved in that, she would have said, absolutely not! How did this happen? She knew Rolf through the horses first and all of this had happened in such a gradual way.

A gradual way…. yes I understood that – for it had happened to me – not in the extreme way like Sigrid – but I understood how he seeps into your very being – robbing your mind of rational thought.  I understood a whole lot more about these types of leaders – and how they can cleverly turn the group against you.

Sigrid’s solicitor then instructs her to return to her house – her two friends go with her – but the locks have been changed.  The police are called but as it is now a civil matter they can do no more – however they have become witnesses to this episode.  The solicitor will present this as more evidence.  They cannot stop Sigrid from entering and living in her own house…. but they can make life very difficult.

The next chapter will show the levels people can stoop to when they are under the spell of a leader.




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