Part 70 – The Horse Shaman’s Followers – Wreaking Havoc!

Continuing on from the last chapter – Sigrid and her friends move back into her house on the advice of her solicitor.   They are shocked at the state of the house – no doubt on orders from ‘Rolf’.   Life is very difficult for them there!

Thus Sigrid and Philipp, much to the anger of the group, entered the house. They soon discovered that, apart from Sigrid’s room, the living room and the kitchen, all other areas of the house had locks on them and were closed. Even the fusebox cupboard had been closed off. This was seriously outrageous. The house was in a bad condition. It was very filthy, particularly the kitchen and lots of flies were buzzing around. Things were missing, and they had left all lights on, even though it was midday.

At night Philipp sleeps on the couch in the living room while Sigrid goes to her room where she discovers there are mice. In all the years she used to live here, there were never any mice. She suspects Rita and the others of having caught mice in the stables and let them go free in her room. Philipp tells her in the morning he too had difficulty sleeping. He had put a chair in front of the living room door to make sure he had some peace, but the group called the police who ordered him to leave the door open.

Julia comes every afternoon to give Philipp a break. She tells Sigrid to use her kitchen, even in its present state, just to make a statement. Together with her lawyer, they initiated  further legal action. The group did not want to sign the statement, saying they had a lease. All members were willing to confirm this.

The solicitor says “We must seek an immediate injunction in court. This is now the fastest way. Then they have to move out immediately.” He asked why she had not come to him earlier, now time was really tight. Rolf had promised to sort it out, but the promise had only been made to get more time. The closer the last day came of the date of transfer with Miro, the less chance Sigrid had to take legal steps.

She is shocked to see it happen this way. Up till a few days ago, she still had the idea of staying in touch with the group, of perhaps still being somehow part of it. Kofi (father of her son) called frequently to support her.

Such was the hold on her that at this stage she still thought she could somehow be part of the group – even after how they had treated her.  The abuse from the group continues:

The group members keep trying to hold discussions with Sigrid while she is staying in her house, to change her mind so she will accept their terms and conditions. Even Gertrude’s husband and Freni have been asked to talk with her, but to no avail. Sigrid simply cuts the talks short, even Adrian does not want to have contact with the group. Freni gets very upset and screams that Sigrid will just have to accept the fact she is creating her own downfall.

They made her life as difficult as possible; switching off the central heating, so her room became ice cold. Their own rooms they heated with expensive electrical heaters, they could not care less, as the bill was sent to Sigrid anyway. Sigrid had the use of a basin and one toilet, the other bathroom had been locked. How could these people, who were supposed to be so much better than all the other people, who were given the task of creating this new world, behave like this to a mother with a young child?

They keep all lights turned on all day and try to make Philipp’s life hell. They want to pester him as much as possible and have parties in the living room where he sleeps. When they find out he simply won’t go, they try another tactic. Philipp watches tv and so they take the tv out, even ripping out the aerial. But this too does not disturb Philipp. Sigrid’s parents and Hennes call every day and her parents have contacted more church organisations that look into various sects. Hennes would like to contact the press and tv channels, but Sigrid’s solicitor is of the opinion now is not the right time.

As you can imagine, this was jaw dropping reading for me!




2 thoughts on “Part 70 – The Horse Shaman’s Followers – Wreaking Havoc!

  1. OMG! Unfortunately it is easy to see how people get caught up in this whole cycle of abuse when there is an enigmatic leader, so hard to see the woods for the trees. Heartbreaking!

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